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Unconvention VIP Recordings

Congratulations, you now have access to the recordings of each speaker from the Sydney Entrepreneurs’ Unconvention 2015 and some of the best speakers from Unconvention 2014!

Re-live The Unconvention experience and accelerate the success of your business with these valuable resources. Enjoy, get inspired!

The biggest question is: What steps have you taken to change your life since September?

Our entrepreneur development team are available to discuss your business ideas and growth plans.

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 Petar Lackovic
Intro (5 min)
 Glenn Martin –
Martin Jetpack
 Tammy May –
 Troy Dean –
Building online communities
 Jack Delosa –
Segment 1
 Jack Delosa –
Segment 2
 Megan Quinn –
NET-A-PORTER (8 min)
 Q&A Panel
 Petar Lackovic –
The problem with sales
 Naomi Simson –
 Justine Flynn –
Thankyou Movement
 Andrew Morello –
10 lessons from 10 billion dollars