The Crew


Tim Morris

Director of Education

Tim Morris lives, breathes and dreams entrepreneurship.

A man of many talents, Tim has launched businesses ranging from an innovation consulting company to a subscription service for men’s underwear. Tim’s greatest passion is harnessing technology to deliver learning experiences in exciting new ways. Combine this with his entrepreneurial background and you can see why he’s the perfect match for Director of Education at The Entourage.

Tim’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited when studying a Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship at RMIT. After completing the course Tim became a founding partner in Dynamic Horizons, an innovation consulting business that he went on to run for six years. Through Dynamic Horizons Tim helped FMCG, Government and Utility businesses to develop new products, improve internal operations and harness the creative potential of their employees.

Alongside Dynamic Horizons Tim was also involved in a number of startups ranging in size. For entrepreneurial fun he established The Pantless Postman, a business that delivers men’s underwear by subscription, as well as a website that teaches people how to get into Motorsport (one of his hobbies). He also helped Uber to launch their Melbourne operations, further cementing his hands-on experience at all ends of the entrepreneurial spectrum.

Since 2009 Tim has increasingly focused on the field of education. Through his business Learn Lab he coordinated global teams to produce hundreds of online lectures, and worked with universities, startups and large businesses to help them leverage technology and deliver educational content in more efficient and engaging ways.

With an infectious enthusiasm for new concepts, Tim is happiest when transforming innovative ideas into reality.

What’s your favourite kind of music / a favourite artist?
Music isn’t one of my strong points but I love anything that can help me chill out and relax.

What’s your favourite place in the world that you’ve travelled to?
I spent most of 2013 travelling the world so this is a tough one, but I’d have to say the South of Spain. You just can’t beat the tapas and wine!

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
Easy, to predict the future. Imagine how many winners you would back!

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?
“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.” – Dr. Martin H. Fischer