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Dr Peter Ryan

Education Advisor

Following 10 years with Australia’s largest company at the time, BHP, Peter Ryan set up his own boutique consulting firm in 1987 to assist the owners of small to medium businesses during the early stages of organisational development by providing strategic advice on how to best meet their statutory obligations while growing in a controlled and efficient manner, with clear goals and benchmarks for success.

As Managing Director of the Australian College of Applied Psychology from 1997 to 2004 Peter led the College through a major growth phase, expanding the business both nationally, internationally and online. During this time the College also made the complex and challenging transition from Registered Training Organisation to Higher Education Provider. The College was the first non-university higher education provider to offer an Associate Degree and was part of the first tranche of approvals to offer FEE-HELP assistance to its students. The College has continued to go from strength to strength under the ownership of the publically listed Navitas Ltd.

In 2004 Peter established Consult Ed to provide specialist support to education institutions involved in the provision of higher education in the non self-accrediting sector. As Consult Ed’s principal consultant, Peter has been actively involved with a number of tertiary education providers, specialising in the areas of regulatory approvals, quality assurance, and corporate and academic governance.

Since 2004, Peter has assisted a number of organisations to navigate the complex regulatory framework which ensures the quality of Australia’s tertiary education sector. Peter has also undertaken academic due diligence on a number of acquisitions on behalf of prospective purchasers and provided strategic advice in relation to regulatory matters associated with takeover and merger activity in the Australian private higher education sector.

In 2006-2008 Peter undertook a doctoral research project titled: “A Methodology to Assure the Quality of Non Self-Accrediting Institutions within the Australian Higher Education Regulatory Framework”. This project was borne out of his professional experiences within the non self-accrediting higher education sector over the previous 11 years. The outcomes of the research undertaken during this project are explored in the monograph The Key Factors of Quality for Non Self-Accrediting Institutions within the Australian Higher Education Regulatory Framework”.

Peter is generally accepted as one of the leading experts on private higher education in Australia and is often quoted in the media on recent developments in the non-university higher education sector.