[Boardroom Intensive] - The Method Behind the $1B Sales System

25th Oct | 27th Oct | 31st Oct

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Over a 3-hour intimate boardroom session, Petar Lackovic will help you identify the leakages in your sales process so that you can stop wasting leads, convert at a higher rate without feeling 'pushy' and reduce your sales cycle from 2-3 months down to 2-3 days... or even close on the spot.

This session is 100% hands-on, implementation focused as you'll be deconstructing and rebuilding your sales process live in the boardroom - so come ready to get your hands dirty.

Session Details

WED, 25TH OCT 10:00am - 1:00pm [Check-in 9:30am] - SOLD OUT or 3:00pm - 6:00pm [Check-in 2:30pm] - SOLD OUT

FRI, 27TH OCT 10:00am - 1:00pm [Check-in 9:30am] - SOLD OUT

TUE, 31ST OCT 10:00am - 1:00pm [Check-in 9:30am] - JUST RELEASED 

LOCATION: The Entourage Entrepreneur Development Centre 100 Harris Street Pyrmont NSW 2009 

Real Entrepreneurs, Getting Real Results

Put simply... this stuff works. And these are just a few of our success stories.

About the Sales Boardroom Intensive:

Imagine having at your disposal a roadmap, a guide, a framework, a proven formula for consistent sales success that you can consistently rely on to drive your business forward.

Imagine improving your conversions by 5%, 10% or even up to 50% and the impact that would have on your business.

Imagine shortcutting you sales cycle so that it takes mere days (or even minutes) to close a deal, instead of weeks and months.

What if you could achieve all of this WITHOUT ever focusing on 'selling' or your sales 'scripts'?

Well, you can... and the good news is it has nothing to do with your natural salesmanship ability.

Here's the 'trick'... sales at it's core isn't about closing techiniques, 'spinning', or any of the latest fads. It's about a structured process and how you move a person through a natural journey that aligns the value you offer to your prospect's needs, in a way that makes it easy for them buy.

It's about your end-to-end SALES SYSTEM.

In this 3-hour hands-on boardroom session we're going to dive into your current sales process and workshop the areas where you're losing money and start reconstructing your process to drive more revenue through the door.  

Before AND during this intensive, rapid-action session you will:

  • Be treated like a full Entourage Member by being exposed to pre-work strategies and frameworks to complete before the day to ensure you get fast results on the day  
  • Utilise The Entourage Member's-only Elite Sales Conversion Framework to review your current sales process  
  • Identify the most common leakages in your process that are causing you to lose out on sales  
  • Learn the 8 essential strategies behind a predictable & scalable sales system  
  • Reconstruct your sales process to leverage Objection Eliminators to close more business in less time  
  • [ BONUS ] Gain insight into how Entourage Members are using advanced sales strategies to grow their business through a Member Case Study Review Session

Who this Session is for:

While we love helping business owners leverage best-practice strategies to drive growth, due to the hands-on intimate nature of the session, the Sales Boardroom Intensive is NOT for everyone.

It's designed for existing business owners who have a service/product (B2C or B2B) in market with demonstrated traction and existing leads, but are frustrated with low conversions and want a proven system to maximise their sales and win more business.  

It's right for you if...

  • You want to experience what it's like to be a Member of The Entourage, inside Australia's leading business growth program  
  • Have a current marketing process that is generating you leads, but you aren't converting at the rate you want  
  • Your sales process involves face-to-face selling, presentations, proposals or selling over the phone and you want to learn how to win more business without ever making a 'hard close' again  
  • Are making sales but they're inconsistent and unpredictable - you know you need a structured process and plan  
  • You are directly selling OR have a sales team that you want to setup for success by giving them a proven system that anyone can follow  
  • You're tired of long sales cycles and want conversion strategies that cut it down to days or even minutes 

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About Petar Lackovic:

Australia's leading Sales Training Expert [The Entourage]

For 26 years, Petar has specialised in creating and implementing successful sales processes for businesses across the country, generating over $1 billion in sales and revenue for his clients. 

While he's been called upon by major brands like Mazda, Channel 10, and Westpac to redesign and reinvigorate their sales processes, Petar's passion is helping small and medium sized businesses build their sales systems so that they can grow and scale with confidence.  

Petar is masterful at making the complex seem simple and the difficult seem attainable with his innate ability to make his sales methodology applicable to all industries.