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Learn how to build brand awareness for your business through PR

This free online short course will enable you to become a master of leverage and generate free media exposure for you and your business.

What will you get in this free short course?

In this five part short course you will learn how to use the media to reach new audiences, build trust and ultimately drive new customers to your website and business without spending anything on advertising.

Get noticed and get traction

99% of businesses get their PR strategy wrong from the outset. Learn the right way to position your business as the obvious choice within your industry.

Learn how to write a press release

We’ll show you how to package up a story, find the right journalist and get it into the media. Learn how you can make their lives easier by publishing your content.

Position yourself as a thought leader

Become the go-to person in your industry or region for the media. Build relationships, build trust so that customers will buy from you. 

Partner with brands and influencers

Find out how to collaborate and create partnerships with brands and influencers to reach their audience with your message.

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