Want to see Elon Musk speak at Unconvention 2018?

You can be part of making this happen. Yes, that's right, YOU.

How? Later this year we’ll be launching a Bring Elon to Uncon Kickstarter campaign. All you need to do today is pre-register to be part of this and you’ll be one of the first to know when we go live.

How does this work? Is Elon definitely speaking at Uncon?

Given Elon Musk is a multi-billionaire with a vision to enable the future of humanity and he spreads his time between 5 different businesses, it’s safe to say he’s a pretty busy man. As you would appreciate he doesn't just speak at any event. 

This is why, in order to capture Elon’s attention we’ll be launching the Kickstarter campaign Bring Elon to Uncon in late 2017. This will give entrepreneurs around Australia the opportunity to pre-purchase tickets to Unconvention 2018. 

The funds raised will go towards Elon’s speaker fee (it’s pretty hefty), and it is our hope that when he sees the 1,000s of entrepreneurs who have rallied together to bring him to Australia that he will feel compelled to share his story on the Uncon stage.  

But we’re going to be upfront with you from the very beginning. There is no guarantee that Elon will speak. The success (or failure) of this Kickstarter campaign rests on the shoulders of entrepreneurs across Australia to demonstrate to Elon just how badly we want him there.  

We need you to rally with us and join the movement to make it work.  

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What is The Entrepreneurs’ Unconvention?

Since 2010, The Entrepreneurs’ Unconvention has brought together over 23,500 business owners to learn the battle-tested strategies for building a great business from Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and innovators.

With speaker lineups that span across a multitude of industries at The Unconvention you’ll gain a 360º perspective on the nuances of what it takes to scale and succeed in the game of entrepreneurship.

The Unconvention is a place where the entrepreneurial misfits, dreamers and high-achievers come to fit in.  

Be part of bringing Elon Musk to Uncon. Pre-register today!