Are Emotions Impacting your numbers?

Are Emotions Impacting Your Numbers?

When chatting to business owners, one of the things you generally see are the emotions they show when asked how their business is performing. Some of the reactions I get: How are sales looking at the moment? We’ve smashed budget for the month! How is…

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What numbers do I need to show an investor?

Investors often ask for a range of numbers when looking at a potential business acquisition or opportunity. Knowing what they are looking for can help you structure your conversations and demonstrate that you really know what is happening in your business. The first step any…


5 tips for stress-free cash flow

If you ever hear me speak on entrepreneurship, you’ll find out terrifyingly quickly that I am most definitely NOT a numbers person. I did well at maths in school, but that’s about where my relationship with numbers ended.   The financial side of business has…

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