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#AskJackD 99: Why are people so quick to accept Other People’s Rules?

Most of the world around you is made up of OPR’s; other peoples rule’s. Rules that they have constructed for themselves and probably for others, that they may even call fact or the truth… You should try to avoid making mistakes. You should avoid taking too many risks. You should leave your options open. You should get a stable job. You should have a morning routine. You should never mix business with pleasure. You shouldn’t have too much fun. You shouldn’t have dessert. You should buy a property. You should follow a plan for your life. You should get married. You should have a family. You shouldn’t stand out too much. You shouldn’t be too good at what you do. You should go to university. You should get good grades.

What I want people to realise today is that these rules don’t have to be your rules. If you’re not happy with your life, your work, your health, your education, you can change that. The fundamental premise that will enable you to take control of your life is first realising that you are in complete control and that you are creating yourself and the world around you every single day.

My challenge to you today after watching this is to pick just one thing in your life that you want to change and commit to changing it.

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