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Ask Jack D 56: Can you do a rap about cat, hats, lipstick & fashion?

This week The Entourage celebrated its inaugural Onesie Day. Why? Because we wanted to. Because our fifth value is, “Have Fun, Bring Quirk,” and what better way to amplify this value than by going about business as usual wearing a onesie. On the surface this might seem like a trivial day, but for me, it’s a representation of The Entourage’s heartbeat. Our values are the principles we live by every day, and Onesie Day was an outward representation of the “quirk” factor that makes us unique.

To celebrate Onesie Day I decided to change up #AskJackD and do a rap wearing my Winnie The Pooh Onesie. Watch the full episode to get a closer look at all of the onesie action that occurred.

Do you have a question? Send it through via the comments, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Remember to use the hashtag #AskJackD and I’ll answer it for you. 


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