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Ask Jack 15: When Do You Decide to Pursue an Idea Full Throttle?

Today Jack powers through questions from his Instagram followers. We’re going to switch up the focus this week and address some new issues. Challenge for today: post a comment below asking a non-business related question.

Here are today’s questions:

Hey brother, my days are not as intensely busy as they used to be after creating systems and automation in the business…Did you ever feel guilty/slack when this happened to you? I.e not going full throttle and enjoying it. @mdimos

From the start, when was it that you become confident that your business/ideas was worth pursuing full throttle? @tupou19

How do you disconnect/switch off when you are on holidays? How do you find work/life balance? @goodez

When you have too many ideas that are all fairly viable – how do you choose one? @wendybrockman

Would you be interested to speak at our career summit in September and how do we best get on touch with further details? @littlegirlbigdream

Don’t forget to follow Jack on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and keep the questions coming in by using the hashtag #AskJackD.


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