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Are you qualified?


Between 1900 and 1902 Albert Einstein was a university graduate who couldn’t land a job. He had renounced his German citizenship, been ostracised from his family, had a baby out of wedlock that he put up for adoption because he couldn’t provide for a child and was considering becoming a door-to-door insurance salesman.

In 1905, he was a patent examiner at a patent office in Bern, Switzerland, working an uninspiring, dead-end job 6 days a week. But he dreamt.

His daydreams led a young Albert Einstein to write four papers that very year that would change science, physics and the way we view the universe forever. His first paper identified that light traveled through photons, a new scientific discovery. His second paper identified that atoms exist and outlined how they behaved. His third paper is best summarised with what became the most famous scientific formula in history; e = mc2. And his fourth paper outlined his revolutionary Special Theory of Relativity. All papers flew in the face of two centuries of scientific thought and rebutted previous theories that were laid down by the greats that had come before him such as Sir Isaac Newton.

That year, in 1905, he was 26 years of age and not yet considered a scientist. For some time, the world did not take notice, academics did not give any weight to young Einstein’s theories that would go on to change the world.

What are you not yet doing because you don’t think you’re ‘qualified’?

Do that. Do it now.


About Tim Morris

Tim lives, breathes and dreams entrepreneurship. Tim has launched and managed ventures ranging from an innovation consulting company, to e-learning development business, to a subscription service for men’s underwear. Tim’s greatest passion is harnessing technology to deliver learning experiences in exciting new ways. Combine this with his entrepreneurial background and you can see why he’s the perfect match as the Director of Education at The Entourage.

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