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3 Reasons Why 2015 Is Your Time


With each year that passes, we grow more conscious of our place in the world and how finite our opportunity is to make the impact that we want to make.

If you’re reading this message, I’m guessing it’s because you are on a journey of personal discovery and a mission to become more of yourself.

What I want for you is to be more aligned with your goals this year than ever before. Here are three reasons why I believe 2015 could be the year you make a bigger impact than any year of your life to date:

1. You have access to more resources than ever before. Going back even 5 years ago, the amount of tools available at low or no cost to help you organise, systemise and market your business was nowhere near as large as it is today. It’s never been easier to make your plans and ideas come to life.

2. Standing on the shoulders of giants. No matter what it is you want to achieve, there have been others before you who have achieved similar outcomes. Success leaves clues, and by analysing how others have succeeded before you, you can model the behaviours, attitudes and traits required to overcome the obstacles that lay before you and ultimately achieve your end goal.

3. If not now, when? When it comes down to it, the responsibility for making this year your best year to date is your own. I believe we all have inside of us the strength of character, the hunger, and the ability to push our limits and challenge ourselves to do more.

Life is not a dress rehearsal – you have one shot. Make it count this year.

About Tim Morris

Tim lives, breathes and dreams entrepreneurship. Tim has launched and managed ventures ranging from an innovation consulting company, to e-learning development business, to a subscription service for men’s underwear. Tim’s greatest passion is harnessing technology to deliver learning experiences in exciting new ways. Combine this with his entrepreneurial background and you can see why he’s the perfect match as the Director of Education at The Entourage.

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